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Recent Questions

Q:  In the state of OH is a spouse responsible for hospital bills not covered by the deceased spouses insurance?   There is no estate and he had his own hospitalization plan.  He signed himself into the hospital and I did not sign any paperwork at the hospital.

A. While you are responsible for your deceased spouse’s bills, I would call the hospital and attempt to get the bills reduced or even waived. Many hospitals will work with you in this way.

Q.  I run a salon and a client complained an employee intentionally burned her with facial wax, is the salon responsible?:  Employee had training, we keep our wax at safe temperature. This is a repeat client. She comes in every two weeks and had this employee do wax for her plenty of times. She said she is suing the employee. My cousin said she can also sue the salon. Can she?

A. The answer is yes, she can sue the salon and the salon could be liable for the employee’s actions. While you should alert your insurance carrier, it is likely that they will decline to cover this claim because of the allegation that the burning was intentional.  Be prepared for that scenario and the possibility that you will have to hire your own lawyer.

Q. My family and I were rear ended recently and I’m 9 weeks pregnant. What am I entitled to? I was stopped waiting for the person in front of me to turn when a tow truck rear ended my car and sent me into the truck in front of me. My son was fine, but my husband has whiplash. I’m sore and have been having spotting and it’s too soon to know if the baby is fine.

A. You and your husband could be entitled to damages for your medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering and lost wages (among other damages). You should never agree to an insurance company settlement before you are done treating or without consulting with an experienced lawyer first. I would recommend not negotiating directly with the insurance adjuster, but hire an attorney to do that.  You will not pay attorneys fees unless you get a settlement.